Vision, Plan and Shine

“Shine Harcourt” was well received by the community and adopted by Mt Alexander Shire Council.

Current tasks for the HPA on Shine Harcourt:

  • Continue to develop a full understanding all of the details of the document
  • Ensure that the ideas and intentions of Shine are incorporated into
    future projects in Harcourt.
Points in “Plan Harcourt” that the HPA are happy to see:
  • Promotion of growth
  • Protection of Farming zones
  • Tree Protection zones
  • Future developments have to contribute to Harcourt infrastructure
  • Improved zoning for Stanley and James Parks
Elements of PLAN that the HPA Committee feels need more attention or further discussion before being acceptable:
  • Need for a professional urban design with proper analysis for town centre
  • Assurances that Harcourt won’t become a dormitory suburb
  • Proposed Commercial Zone to be extended to allow for future town
  • Ensure that iIndigenous culture is a core element of the design process
  • More information and clarity on the analysis and mapping done for
    the current draft
  • Sronger focus on environmentally sustainable design