Harcourt Roundabout

HPA appreciates the maintenance works undertaken by Regional Roads Victoria who subcontracted Dja Dja Wurrung to spray, weed and tidy up the roundabout. The Association has also been in dialogue with Mount Alexander Shire Council to determine who has overall responsibility for the maintenance of the site.

The roundabout upgrade was driven by Harcourt Progress Association and achieved through a combination of VicRoads funding and in-kind support from the community. The project, however, has had ongoing challenges in terms of maintenance, visual appeal and cars mounting the gravelled areas. We’d like to address the problem and we’d love your help!

It should be known that there are some serious technical challenges:

  • High level of compaction
  • Inground services, irrigation and drainage
  • Traffic engineering, road safety and sightline restrictions
  • Scale of area to be maintained
  • Additional costs for roadside maintenance to ensure worker
  • Working between various Authorities – Regional Roads, Mount Alexander Shire Council
  • Lack of good soil
  • High weed seed load
  • High radiant heat from road surface makes it a particularly
    difficult environment for plants to thrive
  • Wind buffering from passing vehicles affects plant growth and dries them out

Update November 2020

The Harcourt community will have the opportunity to respond via HPA to the proposed concept plan for the roundabout.

The HPA is pleased to report that since our meeting with the Council Officers and Regional Roads Victoria that progress has been made towards developing the new concept for the roundabout. Cath Olive, Manager Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, Mount Alexander Shire Council has developed a preliminary plan based on our discussion. Cath reports that she has consulted with Council’s Parks and Gardens team to make sure that what is ultimately delivered is fit for purpose and maintainable. Once the plan is revised after Parks gives their feedback, the plan will be available for comment from both HPA and Regional Roads to further refine the concept. The HPA will hold a public meeting as soon as possible after we receive the concept plan so that we can make informed observations and suggestions based on community input.

Ultimately the finalised concept will then be provided to Regional Roads for detail design and construction.