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Our Mission: Representing and supporting the Harcourt Community

We are  a member based organisation with a mission to effectively support and represent the Harcourt Valley Community, always striving to support the Community develop in a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive way.


The Core - VMR Plays Trains, Not Construction: A Welcome Weekend Away

Victorian Miniature Railway members had a great Easter weekend getaway when they attended the Australian Association of Live Steam Annual Convention in Wagga Wagga. VMR Club President Andrew Mierischsaid, ‘This has been our first opportunityto share the hobby with some of thenewer VMR members who reside in Harcourt. Brian Nunn certainly enjoyedthe experience and was truly impressedwith what awaits the VMR. He enjoyeddriving several models, including taking his daughter Sarah, partner Ben and his two new grandkids for a ride. Don’t tell anyone, but we are pretty sure Buzz is hooked! Like most clubs and associations, the miniature trains fraternity also has national annual events. At Easter the governing body, Australian Association of Live Steam (AALS), holds an annual convention. This year it was NSW’s turn to host the gathering, which was held at the Wagga Wagga Society of Model Engineers facility in the town’s Botanic Gardens. Andrew said, ‘With COVID rules relaxing, it was exciting to get out again.’